Make Knowledgeable Decisions

Monday Dec 05th, 2016


Buying a home can be very frustrating and troublesome experience for some people and for some it could be an absolute pleasure. In order to make this experience exciting and positive please contact me so I could guide you “from the First Call to your agent to the final closing (getting the key of your home).

Even If you are planning to buy in few months or a year, do contact me now so I could provide you some invaluable tips, advise and suggestions according to your specific situation, so you could avoid any problems or difficulties at the time of purchasing your home. 

In Many cases when people come to me to buy a house and after discussing their situation, they realize that if they would have met me earlier, they would have easily avoided problems like:

  • Made some separate credit cards for their spouses, even if their spouses are not working, in order to qualify for the mortgage.
  • Made few more credit cards in order to strengthen their credit. 
  • Haven't bought that expensive car before buying the house and then bought the car.
  • Kept track of their credit to see if any fraudulent activities are taking place on their credit bureau.
  • Have saved one of the spouses credit before filing a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal.

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